Lab Test Results O3 ref app

This is a follow-on from this Slack communication Looking at the ref app the Test Results in patient chart would be the most ideal place to have the Lab Orders and Test Results housed. My proposals for the ref app are: a) Rename Test results to Lab Orders to keep it consistent with the order basket b) Change the way the panels are displayed - instead of a panel per test we shall implement something similar to these designs Zeplin - Projects c) I would like to know what ways we can improve on the tree view for labs as o3 evolves.

Hey, it probably makes sense to be perfectly clear about what we mean by orders and results. Results <> Orders and they may appear in a medical record without having them actually ordered by someone in the record (via FHIR, etc.). How are you handling CBCs which have multiple results, etc…?

a) is already done (PR) (“labs app”).

b) sure, no argument. This is just waiting for a dev to pick up the work. I think there’s a ticket for it even. Note that I’m not sure the demo data in the reference application is in a format that lends itself well to being formatted into panels, but if it can, it should be.