Lab results - time view through bahmni

Hello again! I know I posted something very recently but something else has come up!

I am just imagining a scenario where there is a chronic patient. And common panels have to be done everyday (for example, a full blood count).

Sometimes, we’d like to have a time based view to see the trend of results over time. I know based on this page (, it is possible to graph it, however I think graphing a whole panel might be too much to see to the human eye.

So what I am wondering is, does bahmni have a feature where these timestamped results can be presented in an excel-like format? With a frozen pane containing ‘timestamp’ on top, and a frozen column on the left containing the lab headers (like haemoglobin and what not)

-Daniel Ng-

Hi Daniel,

Please use the configuration for** Lab Results Control** Basically showChart: true will display the results in a time based tabular format. Does this help ?

Yes it does! Thank you very much!

Am currently trying to get a local working system up to configure it fully. Will ask more if I have anymore questions. :slight_smile:

-Daniel Ng-

hi @sravanthi17, in regards to the chart, is there a way to add the time to the timestamps in the top rows? Because assuming there are two lab results with the same date but different times, the times don’t show.

-Daniel Ng-

hi @danielng91 ,

The chart doesn’t support time right now. If time is your main requirement, you could either try configuring a Flow Sheet Control where you can use groupBy : “encounters

Alright. Noted. Thank you!