Lab result as a string

How to send lab results as a string? I have tried to send double values (like in the example in the image) and it works but how can I send string values e.g. “Positive”?

When I tried to send string values I have an error(check the next image).

@angshuonline @gsluthra do you have any idea which is the best approach?

I think the concept you are using in both requests is the same (guid ends with 9438-cbadbcded233). If so, then check the datatype of that concept. It might be defined as a number, in which case it won’t accept string data.

Try and use a concept that accepts strings for test result values. Or coded value set (enum).

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@gsluthra yes you are right and thank you. I just tried and works. So I have changed the Datatype of the LAB Test Concept and now I can send String value.

and this is the result.


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