Lab orders "Priority" not showing in OPENELIS (LabDashboard)

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We were trying to set up “Sync “Priority” of Lab orders to OPENELIS”. We were following instructions from Sync priority of lab orders.. We are using the dockerized Bahmni standard version. From Bahmni we can set the Lab order with priority and with notes. The set priority is also synced to the OpneElis and found in the ‘clinlims’ database ‘sample’ table. We are having the issue of priority columns not showing in OpenElis LabDashboard. By setting, site_information’s accessionStrategy value groupBySample the priority column shows in LabDashboard but with new Lab Order OpenElis started to give Internal Server Error and application logs from OpenElis show,

2024-02-20 10:21:04 09:21:04.760 [http-nio-8052-exec-2] ERROR - Exception in request 
2024-02-20 10:21:04 javax.servlet.ServletException: The column name referred_test_count was not found in this ResultSet.

would anyone please guide what additional configuration we are missing in OpenElis to show the priority columns correctly in LabDashboard?

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I am unable to view the Priority column on the OpenElis Dashboard as well.

I have noticed that the corresponding pull request (PR) has been merged a while ago, and in the JIRA comments, it is mentioned that the Priority column is missing. The relevant PR can be found here: and the associated JIRA issue is A comment by @gsluthra in the JIRA discussion provides additional details.

I plan to collaborate with a developer who has the bandwidth to investigate this issue further, and I will provide an update as soon as possible.

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The root cause of this issue has been identified, and a fix is available for merging.

Link to the fix: BAH-457 | Bug Fix, to show priority column. by harshkumar8789 · Pull Request #78 · Bahmni/OpenElis · GitHub

Root cause details: BAH-1075 | BAH-1076 | BAH-1073 | BAH-1074 | BAH-1078 | BAH-1079 | BAH-1084 by rupamJoshi · Pull Request #26 · Bahmni/OpenElis · GitHub

As part of BAH-1079, the referred-out column has been added, but there is a typo in the column name, resulting in the injected issue.