Kisumu OpenMRS Bootcamp Graduation

After successfully completing one month long training on openMRS and KenyaEMR, 12 students will be graduating on 31st March, 2015. The graduation will be taking place at The VIC hotel from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This will also be an opportunity for Industry players to interact and network with the students who they could potentially include in their projects.

The day’s agenda



Congratulations to all the students completing the program! :trophy:

I hope the knowledge you learned, the skills you gained, and the connections you made serve you well.

We’re looking forward to seeing the great things you do, and to seeing you here on OpenMRS Talk, sharing your knowledge and helping others both in Kenya and around the world!


Congrats to the 12 “soldiers” who made it through the bootcamp and graduated today. EACH one of you now has the basic tools to “wage” the war of better health for everyone, especially the poor. I look forward to continuing working with you and strengthening especially the OpenMRS/KenyaEMR implementations in your counties.

Keep the fire burning!

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