Kenya Community working group formation

During this meeting last year in Oct, the following Working Groups were formed in response to common themes that required further followup;

  1. Concept dictionary group (Team lead: Dr. Agrey Keny - AMPATH)
  2. Unique patient identification (Team lead: Steven Wanyee - I-TECH Kenya).
  3. Interoperability and information exchange. (Team lead: Stanslaus Odhiambo - KEMRI-CDC)
  4. EMR design (Team lead: Nicky Okeyo - KEMRI-CDC).
  5. Data Use (Team lead: Dr. Davies Kimanga - EGPAF).
  6. Capacity building (Team lead: John Ollongo - Kisuu County CHRIM).
  7. Remote support for implementations (Team lead: Fredrick Onyango - EGPAF).
  8. Out reach group : structured OpenMRS evangelism (Team lead: TBD).

These groups have been having virtual meetings and you are welcome to join in any of their conversations. A meeting is planned in March 2015 to review progress towards achievement of objectives spelt out in the WGs TORs.

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Steve - Thanks for laying this out so clearly, and identifying the leads. Look forward to hearing more - perhaps a summary after the March meeting?

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Thanks Bill. For the Concept Dictionary WG, we look forward to making significant progress by end of March 2015 complete with a comprehensive technical report to guide a process towards establishing a national concept dictionary for Kenya.

You are welcome to join any of the groups.

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Meeting the System Need of Health Facility

EMR design requires a better understanding of the current workflows and user need. Clearly many health institutions are now interested in administrative functions of the systems with an interest ti fit it well into their process of care. some already called for functions include:

  1. Financial management
  2. Supplies (Pharmaceutical and non Pharm.)
  3. Staff management among others

With financial being the loudest need. to quickly address this we better promote system interoperability as well as support on going works as that done by Wesley Brown and team

As promised, here are meeting notes from meeting held on 30th March 2015, to discuss development of a national level concept dictionary.

Your feedback will be highly appreciated.Abridged version_Minutes on the concept dictionary discussion.docx (26.9 KB)

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