Kampala first meet-up good & promising

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(Kaweesi Joseph) #1

Having many friends/attendees appreciate our event and presentations was great and promising, centering on being informative and calling in for as many contributors to OpenMRS as we could; I hope we shall very soon see many student participants appearing aboard and needing assistance, these are newbies and therefore I ask our community members to always take some time and answer even the most basic of their questions. We had over 110 people attending, most of them were students from Makerere, Kyambogo, Aptech, Nkumba and Bugema, Many thanks to our dear presenters; @dkayiwa , @ssemakadde and Michael(from Mbarara) who made the event appreciated and informative, we also had @wyclif connecting remotely. So great a properly arranged venue at wait for our event, we would desire no other host than ToughtWorks. Thanks so much Renee and Naval plus your team for your support. I was so so happy seeing some event posts around.

We had @ssemakadde present successful Implementations of OpenMRS is Uganda and how that applies to our attendees. @dkayiwa inspiring enough to all about the benefits of contributing to open source software OpenMRS in particular. @k_joseph introducing GSoC and getting students look forward to participate this and/or coming coming year(s)

We hope that our next event will be more practical on the side of the students within a month from now, and so we have some good time to remotely help out students begin contributing to OpenMRS.

Here are some resolutions:

  • @miirochristopher should create a google group email-address to add all registered people, I have so many emails Chris that am going to forward to you to add the senders.
  • Next event to happen in a month’s time period from the yesterday’s first event.
  • Some students will immediately start contributing to OpenMRS
  • To be added

Here are a few more images about the event that took my self. Am waiting on others from Isaac one of the students attendees.

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OpenMRS meet-up in Kampala, Uganda 2015-03-12
(Wyclif Luyima) #2

Thanks for the update and pics Joseph, this is nice, thanks for making it happen and thanks to Renee, Naval and everyone at ThoughWorks for their support, looking forward to more of these. Next time I will try to contact someone ahead of time to ensure they have a good connection for me to participate remotely.

(Kaweesi Joseph) #3

Event mentioned at: http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2015/03/google-summer-of-code-meet-up-round-up.html