JSON help - varibles and changes

Hello all,

Sorry if this is a simple question, I am trying to get in to editing JSON UI attributes as i am trying to do some major language changes to labels.

I have looked through the help on the wiki to do with the registration App - https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Registration+App+Configuration and have created my own registration form. but now I am trying to edit sub parts of the form such as

  • hide the counrty field - I gather that it is contained with in an array of fiels that are in the the “fragmentId”: “field/personAddress” attribute?

  • Within in the Referance App I was wondering if there was a master language file that could be edited? I would like to make simple changes such as “city / villiage” to “suburb”

  • also I was wondering if there was any way to access “referenceapplication.app.registerPatient.label” through the admin UI… I would assume that they are all in the the same place.

Thanks Norv

You might have to override the registration page with a custom configuration as described here

This is done programmatically, there is a custom messages module though that lets users to translate content on a page but I believe it only supports the legacy UI.

I believe this is a translation issue just like above, not sure I get what you mean by access the label.