json code snippet to add my second patient identifier to the patient Dashboard

Hi all, I have added a second patient identifier to the patient registration page. Now I want it near the OpenMRS ID in the patient dashboard. I have been looking around for a while but can’t find a clear discussion that lead to the resolution. Any json code snippet will be appreciated

Thx KJ

Hi @jamani,

Is this for the Reference Application? If yes there is no need of extra code, it’s just about configuring extra patient identifiers.

Yes I am using the reference application 2.11. Please let me know the steps to complete the configuration

Regard KJ

As @mksd said ,we only configure patient identifiers according to your use case . Work around: Currently only one patient ID is supported per patient in openmrs ID GEN module under the hood

.However Secondary IDs /Multiple Ids like the one you want to achieve can be captured using the Patient Attributes , You can have alook at this document

I have followed these steps to integrate a custom patient identifier in the registration page. Now I want this custom identifier to appear in the patient dashboard.

This means you havent fully specified/defined your config in json file if you are not seeing patient identifier on the patient dashboard, it should reflect unless you have specified it differently, can you provide the json file you have used

here is the json second patient identifier - Pastebin.com

This is what i get from your json file

Do you mean this bit:

If so, there’s a global property called “emr.extraPatientIdentifierTypes” that you need to put the UUID of your second patient identifier into.

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Right it is that field I would like to appear in the patient dashboard after a patient search

I can only see emr.concept.diagnosisSetOfSets emr.encounterMatcher

but emr.extraPatientIdentifierTypes is missing

Can you be specific on two options above please All options are workable though i think cc @ibacher :upside_down_face:

I will make my configuration look like the one on the online openmrs demo and let you know

emr.extraPatientIdentifierTypes set to my second patient uuid not working


Great to hear that you got around this.

I’d be also great to know what you had to do that was not documented in this forum elsewhere or on the wiki.

here is the magic openmrs-module-isanteplus/liquibase.xml at ea86bd85064619093b2bd0be96f994bc85a2c8fb · IsantePlus/openmrs-module-isanteplus · GitHub

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