Joining Micro-Frontend team on Slack

How can I join the Micro-Frontend team on Slack, some guidance please . Am already on Slack but havn’t joined the team.

i have added you into the slack channel. check and confirm.

Otherwise in order to join or create a slack channel, look on the left-sided side-bar and click the +Add Channels button, select from the prompt either to create a new channel or Browse all channels

Thanks @mherman22 for yr support , I clicked Browse all channels and am seeing no link for Micro-frontend team, how do I proceed ?

the name of the slack channel you want is openmrs3-helpme

feel free to search through the searchfield

@mherman the search field says no result, do need to open new work-space ?

no need i have added you into that slack channel… otherwise this should be helpful OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

click this link Let’s work together with Slack Connect | Slack and see where it lands you.

when I click Add plus create , its like i created my own channel

Did yiu follow this documentation? Because it has the slack link to the channel you want

This is the link there Slack

Thanks goes to you @mherman22 , your really great for your support , I finally made it