Job Opening: Bahmni/OpenMRS Developer for U.S.-Based NGO

Request for Resumes from Individuals and/or Vendors Global Health Coalition (GHC) / 2017-08

Project Title: Software Development and Implementation of Bahmni in Haiti and the Dominican Republic The Global Health Coalition ( is soliciting resumes from potential Bahmni Implementation Engineers and/or Vendors to support health clinics in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. GHC is a registered 501©3 nonprofit corporation operating a portable electronic medical record (EMR) system that can support approximately 10 healthcare providers in the field and is able to run for 24 hours without access to electricity or internet. The first instance of Bahmni was launched in Haiti in January 2016. The instance of Bahmni was heavily configured for our case-use scenario. We are currently only utilizing the EMR subsystem of Bahmni. The EMR was the first step in starting to gather critical data that will allow us to better understand the health, outcomes, and needs of the communities surrounding the health clinics.

About Bahmni: Bahmni is a free and open source hospital system designed for low resource settings ( Bahmni is Open Source Software licensed under AGPL 3.0. The EMR subsystem of Bahmni is a JavaScript based front end application that calls REST services within OpenMRS.

Responsibilities: You will be responsible for configuring, customizing, deploying, maintaining, and updating Bamhni remotely to meet the need of health clinics serviced by Global Health Coalition. • Configuration and Customization • Rollout • Go-live • Support Post Deployment – Maintenance, back-up, and updates

Experience Required: • Working knowledge of Linux i.e. ability to read/understand simple shell scripts, familiarity with common Linux commands, file-system/user/process concepts. • Basic understanding of networks. Ability to do very basic network diagnostics and maintenance. • Basic understanding of how browser and server interact with each other over the network. • Knowledge of SQL. Familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. • Familiarity with configuring end user devices running Android and Windows. • Analytical skills to be able to understand hospital processes and its mapping to software systems. • Good communication skills o Ability to communicate, explain and teach basic computers and Bahmni to hospital staff (includes people who have never used a computing device) o Ability to communicate with development team o Fluency in English

Location: Remote only Pay Structure: Hourly-rate negotiable with quarterly payment Desired Start Date: 9/1/2017 Duration: Six-months, with ability to extend to long-term contract

Application Instructions: Interested Candidates and/or Vendors are invited to submit their (1) resume, (2) work experience with emphasis on prior OpenMRS/Bahmni experience, to ghcemr[at] by 9/1/2017. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for a remote interview.

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