Job: Open MRS_EMR + Cloud Back up for A Field Health care Delivery for 30-50 computers across West Africa

Remember to include, if possible:

  • Job : Open MRS Consultant
  • Location: Nigeria or West Africa or Global
  • Description of tasks We have recently found a Health Tech Startup that promotes global ‘‘BOOTS ON THE GROUND HEALTH EQUITY & UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE IN WEST AFRICA’’ for individuals and families living under $2 per month i.e poverty to help promote the Sustainable Development Goals 1,3 & 10 to a population of 381 million people in 18 West African countries, OUT OF which over 75% lack access to affordable primary healthcare.

We need an open MRS expert to help us

Happy to discuss more

  • Desired start date and/or duration of project, ASAP
  • Qualifications,; experience with openMRS in West Africa or similar climes

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