Job for OpenMRS Expert

Looking for an OpenMRS Expert for a project covering 4 provinces of Sri Lanka for Open MRS based Primary Health Care Solution - Skills are needed for OpenMRS customisation and implementation. The project is funded by ADB.

It requires Open MRS Expert with minimum of 5 years of experience. This is one years assignment and Open MRS Consult is needed Intermittent basis during the 1st year. Will any of you be able to help us with your expertise?

Remember to include, if possible:

  • Job title : Consultant (OpenMRS)
  • Location, if necessary, : Sri Lanka and Online (If selected Tickets and Visa can be arranged)
  • Description of tasks : Customize OpenMRS modules to match the requirement of Sri Lankan primary care health sector
  • Desired start date and/or duration of project : July 2020, Applications are needed before 6th Januty 2020
  • Qualifications : OpenMRS experience not less than 5 years

Contact Information : Mobile/WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber : +94712487141 Email :

Please reply with your CV and WhatsApp number, we will contact you the soonest

cc @k.joseph

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