Jira was erroring on certain scenarios


@grace brought to our attention that Jira wasn’t really having a great time. When someone was trying to assign a ticket to a person, it would error straight away.

@permissionerror quickly identified the root cause, and I believe I managed to fix the problem. If you are curious, ticket is https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/ITSM-4292

(Please note that due to personal circumstances, I’m very little available here. But if you ping me on slack, I will answer)


Thanks @permissionerror and @cintiadr for taking care of this! :+1:

Assigning users and tagging users is working again! :tada:

Thank you so much @cintiadr and @permissionerror for handling this, very very very appreciated. I can get back to proper sprint planning/follow-up now :stuck_out_tongue: