Jira project and Slack channel for "all things EIP" and openmrs-eip

Hi all,

There are more tools to operate around openmrs-eip.

  • A new Jira project with key ‘EIP’:
  • A new Slack channel, #openmrs-eip.
  • The Talk software subcategory that I used here.

Looking forward to seeing activity picking up in this new, albeit complex, field that connects very much to OpenHIE’s endeavours.

Cc @akimaina @bashir @burke @ccwhite23 @grace @ibacher @jdick @jennifer @mksrom @mseaton @paul @ruhanga @willa @wyclif


@mksd – I would suggest adding this along with context/purpose of this category into the About the openmrs-eip category post that everyone who first comes to this category in Talk will see.