JIRA license error!

Has any one got this error while trying to create a new JIRA ticket? “You don’t have any license. Please generate a trial license or purchase perpetual license if you are ready.” By the way, am not even able to add watchers on JIRA.

I noticed on Friday when looking at JIRA that many users were marked as “inactive”. I was hoping it was just some transitory glitch, but maybe it is related?

Yeah, @dkayiwa, I see this next to your name on ticket in JIRA:

   Daniel Kayiwa [X] (Inactive)

Not sure what is going on.


@mogoodrich you seem to have the same inactive status. https://issues.openmrs.org/issues/?jql=project%20%3D%20"Appointment%20Module"%20AND%20status%20%3D%20Closed%20AND%20assignee%20%3D%20mogoodrich%20ORDER%20BY%20votes%20DESC%2C%20priority%20DESC%2C%20fixVersion%20ASC

Huh, yep, and it looks like I can’t do anything either…

@lluismf @r0bby @burke Could this be related into the performance issues we were looking into on Friday?

Can anyone access JIRA?


Hmm… I was just able to create a ticket now, in the HTML Form Entry module…


@mogoodrich strange that now you do not seem to have the inactive label on the same above url. :smile:

@dkayiwa you look like you are no longer “inactive” as well… maybe someone is currently working on this… :slight_smile:

@mogoodrich hopefully! :slight_smile:


Something’s definitely not right, I needed 4 attempts to login (I’m pretty sure the password was ok). The logs show many errors related to Crowd :

And this is the explanation: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/connecting-jira-to-crowd-throwing-applicationpermissionexception-301662474.html?utm_medium=logScan&utm_source=STP

But I have no idea how to fix it. It doesn’t seem performance related though.

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We need to get together or find some way that we can help better for those others that are busy with other tasks.

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Okay all – there’s some issues with LDAP right now. Clearly, I can’t step away without coming back to everything being on fire.

That error is related to a plugin we don’t have a license for at the moment – No clue when it was added, I didn’t add it but removing it for now.


Good idea, maybe we are lucky and this plugin is responsible of the out of memory too.

It doesn’t seem like we got lucky, because JIRA seems to be down now.

It was restarted half an hour ago. Did someone do it ? Could be a scheduled restart? There are no fatal exceptions before the restart in the logs.

I’m not on-call, @maany is…so I’m sure he did.

But if he read Darius’ message he would have said something right? Unless he has superpowers or checks JIRA periodically :slight_smile:

We get alerted when it’s down =)

using nagios correct?