JIRA email notifications not working?

Has anyone else noticed a problem recently with getting email notifications from JIRA (ie when a ticket is commented on or when you are referenced directly in a ticket)?

Take care, Mark

Hmm, looking in my email I think I have not gotten a JIRA notification since May 12. @mogoodrich I suggest you ask on helpdesk or on the infrastructure chat.

Thanks @darius, yes was going to ask on helpdesk (though infrastructure chat is better, now that you mention it), once I got confirmation from someone else…

Also, a good FYI for anyone who might have referenced someone on a ticket and is waiting for a response…

Take care, Mark

i should have seen this first before posting

I will be looking this today.

So, I’m assuming that JIRA is not sending emails regardless of the project, right?

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For the record, I went to the mail queue (https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/admin/MailQueueAdmin!default.jspa), and around 500 emails were there :smiley: I flushed the queue manually and restarted the service.

It appears to have solved the problem. If it happens again, any JIRA admin can go and at least flush the emails on that screen :slight_smile:

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Yep, they just all came through… thanks!

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Is any one getting Talk email notifications?

Talk, or Jira? :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten both today… (though because I’ve gotten some notifications, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve gotten all of them… )

Take care, Mark