JIRA components for each app in RA project?

What do you think about creating new component for each app from home page in RA project in JIRA. Thanks to that we could order our test cases by functionality.

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I approve of that idea. I don’t know if we want them exactly 1:1 with homepage apps, but in general it’s a great start to organizing better.

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Are you thinking about dividing some apps into more than one component or rather grouping few apps in one component? I don’t think it would be a good idea to have too much components, with the current state of application about 5 - 8 would be enough.

I don’t have a specific counter-proposal. Peeking at them here are my opinions:

  • Find Patient Record => doesn’t feel like a component
  • Active Visits => doesn’t feel like a component
  • Register a patient => component of “Patient Registration”
  • Capture Vitals => component of “Capture Vitals”
  • Appointment Scheduling => can be a component. Tickets often will be duplicated in https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/AM
  • Data Management => maybe too broad as a component? could be fine
  • Configure Metadata => could be a component, or we could have components for categories in this
  • System Administration => could be a component, or we could have components for categories in this

I would propose the following components then:

  • Patient (Register a patient + Find Patient Record + Data Management)
  • Visit (Active Visits)
  • Vitals (Capture Vitals)
  • Appointment (Appointment Scheduling)
  • Metadata (Configure Metadata)
  • Administration (System Administration)

what do you think about it?

I think that some of those names are too short and would be confusing, at least to me.

How about:

  • Record Lookup (Find Patient)
  • Patient Record (Patient dashboard, visits screen)
  • Visits and ADT (Active Visits, Admission, Discharge, Transfer forms, eventually any sort of inpatient lists)
  • Vitals (Capture Vitals standalone app, Capture Vitals form from patient screen
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Data Management
  • Administration and Configuration (System Administration and Configure Metadata)

Looks great, Thanks:)

Will someone with the appropriate permissions be able to create those components, then?

Thanks in advance and best regards, Tomasz

@tmueller I made you an Administrator of the RA project, so you can add these now. Thanks for doing this, and pushing to get more organized!

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