Jembi openmrs-module-pharmacymanagement

hello everyone, Well, i have a problem with the Pharmacy Management module GitHub - jembi/openmrs-module-pharmacymanagement, while implementing it in my OpenMRS 1.11.4.The issue is that we can’t do what we have to do with this module especially the drug orders tab. Eroors are shown in the attached screen shot below.

Would you please help me with this.

@k.joseph are you using this module at Jembi?

No, I’m just working on the pharmacy integration module.

@k.joseph do you have any response to this?

@intidhar can you paste the contents of the server log at

@intidhar, i think that module is not upgraded to support OpenMRS platforms from 1.10.x where the Order entry api was re-written.

here is a more uptodate code, respond incase you run into any issues and i can help

Hi @k.joseph, I have tryied that uptodate code and I got errors too. The following picture show the intallation of the module and the errors: