Javassist class cast exception

Hello there, I am trying to add a new functionality to our existing Bahmni 0.91 implementation. After adding a few models that are related to each other at the bahmnicore module with all the service and data accessor classes, saving an entity works well but when trying to fetch items using hibernate it throws a runtime class cast exception error saying “classxyz cannot be cast to java.util.javassist.proxy…”. I looked around and people suggested the reason is because of 2 version of javassist library in the classpath but upon running mvn dependency tree plugin command it shows javassit 3.19.0-GA is the dependency while other versions are omitted due to version conflict. I tried adding dependency exclusions for javassist at those module that imported the different version of javassist (even though maven is reporting they have been omitted) but has no effect on the runtime error. It may also be worth to note that this error happens when the fetched class have another related entity (that is a foreign key relationship with another relation at the database level). Did anyone encounter this issue? Thanks.