java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: while running latest openmrs snapshot version

ive compiled the latest opnmrs snapshot version and deployed…it runs and creates the database succesfully. but whenever i copy and paste the modules, in the appdata/modules folder…it throws this error. @dkayiwa @wyclif @tendomart

here is the screen before i install there any module

and the screen after i install the modules

When you delete the modules, does it work well?

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yes wen i delete the modules, it brings back the screen

it has perfectly crated the database with the encounter_Diagnosis table , etc …but it cant load any module

so how am i supposed to load in modules?

Start with just one module. legacyui

i have done that and it still returns the error

After putting only the legacyui module, can you paste the log at

i think the question wud be , wea exactly am i supposed to paste the module. coz nomally wen i extract and run a satndalone or a war file in tom cat… it ceates a folder named “bundledModules” under the webapps/openmrs/WEB-INF directory in which it places the default modues ie fhir, rest-module and owa . here it has not created that folder. so am currently placing the modules in appData/modules folder , which i dont nomaly do. is that the right place? from tomcat log

here is the error , with just installing legacy ui alone …from the browser

That does not look like the full log.

i have just used “ctr + a” to select all the log history from either way, tomcat and the browser…is their any way i can get more log history in tomcat than just “ctr + a”??

Let’s take a step back, which modules are you installing? And their versions.

at first i was installing the whole package of refernce app modules …i think refapp 2.7.

eg, legacyui-1.5.0-SNAPSHOT, i pick them from some ref app , that i downloaded using the sdk .really dont remeber wc version was it exactly :grinning: but it runs on platform 2.0.6

On command line, change to the webapp folder and type this command: mvn jetty:run > moses.txt

That should create a log file named moses.txt in the webapp folder.

Sorry I am late to the party, are you using OpenMRS SDK?

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@ssmusoke no sir. am just trying to run the snapshot version in a standalone, as in i replaced the standalone war file , with the latest snap version war file i compiled . though i first deployed it in an external tomcat outside the standalone…but same results

the command has not responded

D:\openMrs\code\core\Diagnosis-core\openmrs-core\webapp>mvn jetty:run > moses.txt

have this in my pom file


but i dont know y that command doesnt respond

Just in case you are unable to do that, you can create a Platform server

yes sir @ssmusoke, i have sdk servers , but the issue is they run on already pre-configured platforms… and the issue here is i want to run on the latest openmrs snapshot version. to do some testig on some modules. so i dont think the sdk may be of much help.

but let me check out whether it can run on the latest platform 2.2.0