Java Conventions are a little outdated

Java Conventions for String concatenation seems to old, if the concatenation is not in a loop, because the Java compiler silently converts

  String a = b + c + d;


  String a = new StringBuilder(b).append(c).append(d).toString();


Can I use simple concatenation?

Would you like to edit our conventions page to reflect this?

Yes, Using StringBuilder is ideal when there are more than 2 string operands being concatenated. As we are always single threaded which initiated from the servlet container for each HTTP request, we do not need to worry about thread-safe behavior that provided by StringBuffer :grinning:

Yes, I want do it. But now I can’t log in to Wiki with use OpenMRS ID (although I can log in to OpenMRS).

@ionkin42 did you report that to help desk?

Did yiu ever explicitly ask for access to JIRA and the wiki – they’re separate things. This was done to mitigate spam.

No, I did not report.

It is common problem: Unable to log into OpenMRS Wiki but I can log into PS: I sent case to help desk. Can we edit a auth error description?