January 2018 Co-Volunteers of the Month: Christine Gichuki and Dimitri Renault

OpenMRS is excited to announce Christine Gichuki (@christine) and Dimitri Renault (@mksd) as co-Volunteers of the Month for January :sparkles: :tada:! As a community we are all grateful for both Christine’s invaluable work on the OMRS conference planning committee and Dimitri’s support to users’ questions on Talk and his diligence in supporting CS students with tasks such as the attachment module.

Thank you for all your contributions @christine and @mksd!

We will post their interviews below once they’re completed, but in the mean time give them both a round of applause!


Congrats @christine and @mksd! Well deserved and keep up the great work.


Thanks all! :tada:


:clap: @mksd and @christine


Congratulations you two! Christine, you were such an important lead in Malawi. Thank you for your reliability and cheerful spirit during those very stressful times.


Congratulations @christine and @mksd!!:clap::+1:

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Thank you @christine and @mksd! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you @mksd, It was a pleasure to meet with @christine in Malawi, she is an awesome, loving and caring woman!.

Congs @mksd and @christine. You are such a great resource to the community that without you, a great gap would exist!!!

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Congrats @mksd and @christine :smile:

Congratulation @christine @mksd

Congratulations @christine and @mksd! You both are an awesome part of our community and I always appreciate all the work you do, and the input you give. Very glad to see it acknowledged here! :slight_smile:

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:fireworks: thank you very much @christine and @mksd

Congs to @christine and @mksd :slight_smile:

@christine and @mksd, thank you for all you do for the community! Contributions like yours are a powerful reminder of community and stand as an example of how, working together, we can make the world a little better… and a little healthier. Thanks on behalf of all the silent voices of those you’ve helped around the world!

Looking forward to the interviews! :slight_smile:

-Burke :burke:


Well deserved, congrats @christine and @mksd! :slight_smile: