Issues with OpenMRS Server Setup (JQuery Missing)

Application Name: Reference Application Version Number: 2.14.0-SNAPSHOT (OpenMRS = 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT)

Question: Hi, following the instruction here [Set Up OpenMRS Server with OpenMRS SDK and Docker - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki](https://Set Up OpenMRS Server - Get Started)

I managed to get the server running but the UI seems broken as assets (e.g. JQuery is missing)

Paste Bin Server Run Logs -

From the logs, the process seems to be looking for file in the wrong location (e.g. just outside the openmrs folder)

PS: After days of trying since joining the community few days ago, I couldn’t get docker to connect over tcp on windows even after trying every instruction and solution I found online, so I finally opted to run a local database option instead without docker. Server is running anyways. I expected to have this bit running at least.

Your support is appreciated. Thanks

You’re using JDK 18. Currently, core only supports up to JDK 17 and things still work more reliably with JDK 8.

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Thanks. Switched to Java 8 and its all good

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