Issues with OCL iniz-based imports - Nov 2022

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Thank you @samuel34 for calling this out today at the O3 Squad call: DemoQueueConcepts is not properly yielding concepts in the O3 refapp.

Upon review - seems we have 2 problems:

  1. Incomplete OCL JSON Export: The JSON export from OCL for our DemoQueueConcepts file was basically empty - the 19 concepts weren’t actually in the JSON!! Even though the OCL UI shows those 19 concepts were included in the v1 release.

For some reason when I re-released a new version (v2), with no concept changes, the JSON export does show concepts now. @samuel34 I have made a PR to introduce this updated version that actually does have concepts - can you merge this, and see if you are still seeing the same errors even with this updated version?

  1. Iniz warnings: @samuel34 mentioned he is seeing warnings from the Initializer Module; some kind of warning that concepts are not present or not being imported properly. @samuel34 can you share this here? And can you see if those errors resolve when you use the updated config from the PR above?

Thanks Grace for the PR. (Looking into reproducing the original error log)

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FWIW I have also filed a bug in relation to issue #1 above with the OCL global good team:

Hopefully they can figure out what happened. CC @jamlung

@grace or anyone else, has this issue been fixed? Sunny left a reply on the OCL ticket saying that he could not recreate the issue. I don’t think I could recreate it either. Just want to make sure we know how to help if the problem is persisting.

If I had to make a guess, it’s a confusion over what qualifies as an export from OCL that can be imported. E.g., if I go to a collection, there is this option to download a ZIP:

The ZIP downloaded here, however, will only contain the JSON describing the data stored for the collection (“metadata”) and none of the actual concepts or mappings. I think there’s an expectation, at least from OpenMRS users, that these download buttons would give you the same content as the version export.

Oh interesting. I hadn’t thought of people trying to use that option to export a source. I wonder if it’d be helpful to change that label to “Download Collection Metadata” or something like that so that it might reduce confusion.

Yeah, I think that would help a lot!