Issues with Jira

Have been working on a ticket associated with Reference Application But am not able to Request Code Review. I can not see the functionality of “Request Code Review”, is this associated with the recent Jira Maintenance that was made?. Help out here devs

select Ready for testing instead.

Have done so!

Thank you @kdaud for asking, good question. We had a substantial upgrade of our Jira infrastructure over this very weekend, so I immediately wondered if our workflow steps had gotten messed up - so I just double checked, and no, it turns out we’ve never had a step for Code Review in the Ref App ticket workflow. I have to admit this seems like something we should consider! We will actually be re-working our Jira workflow steps in multiple projects in the coming 1-2 months, since many people run into different issues with our complicated Jira workflows.

It looks to me like you’ve done all the right things for now :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa did you get a ping via GitHub about this new PR from @kdaud? FWIW @kdaud I think we simply rely on our senior developers reviewing our open PRs via GitHub issues from time to time. The workflow in that sense is not well connected to Jira; that’s something we’re looking to improve as well.

Not correct :smile:

We rely on every developer regardless of their level. That is exactly why @sacull, a /dev/2, has done a great deal of such reviews. :slight_smile: