Issues using <encounterDiagnoses/> HFE tag on platform 2.4.x

Hi all,

On using the <encounterDiagnoses/> HFE tag while running platform 2.4.x, I encounter this error. Well this is an issue happening in coreapps here; possibly the class is not available in the classpath while running 2.4.x !

Does coreapps just need some simple work to add support for platform 2.4.x for some domains like EncounterDiagnoses?

cc: @dkayiwa, @mksd, @mogoodrich

Great, thanks for reporting this.




I think it should become <openmrsVersion>2.2.0</openmrsVersion>, could you try?


Yeah sure @mksd, It works. I have opened a ticket for this at

I will submit a PR soon!

Thanks @samuel34 and @mksd!