Issues on upgrade from 0.88 to 0.89

Hi all

We have around 10 implementations running on 0.88 of Bahmni we are planning to upgrade to 0.89 as part of the upgrade we found the following discrepancies:

1, Unable to put compulsory on a concept with the following properties generally used to upload images: Class : Image Datatype : Complex Handler : BinaryDataHandler

2, In the medication tab the toggle functionality of ‘+’ and ‘-’ to show notes of a drug order by default shows both ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons

Screenshot from 2018-01-18 14-29-47

3, Alternate colouring in the print of patient summary is not present which impacts the readability.

4, Size of the ‘save’ popup when moving away from forms entry is very wide.

All the above are working well with 0.88 release or before.

One more issue is in the Patient Summary dashboard, the concepts with multi-select are showing up only one concept in the display control even though multiple concepts are selected.

With this issue, we cannot go ahead with our current plan for the upgrade. This issue is fixed in 0.90 @darius @angshuonline Can we get a patch of 0.89 with the above fix?

My suggestion would be to upgrade to 0.90, which has got lot more fixes and dependencies resolved and OpenMRS core updated. Regarding patching 0.89 and making another release, its a community decision and capacity consideration.

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