Issues on running openelis in Bahmni

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Running bahmni on docker

Question: Openelis is not working in bahmni. here are the details of error I am getting.

After running the bahmni on docker.

Error getting after clicking on laboratory icon.

@mohant please help

Please make sure that you have started openelis profile as well. You can start that by running docker compose --profile openelis up -d (or) you can edit COMPOSE_PROFILE in .env as emr,openelis and then run docker compose up -d

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@mohant Thanks a lot it worked.

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Hi @mohant if I create the new patient in bahmni I am getting error.

Error I am getting.

@sunny123 Thanks for reporting. This will be fixed soon. For now you follow the steps below

https://localhost/openmrs → Login → Administration → Manage Patient Identifier Sources → Click on Configure for GAN and set Max Length to 10.

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yeah ok, Thank you @mohant

Hi @mohant could you tell me if I do the lab test/result from bahmni (openelis) running on docker then where the data get store?

These are the running containers.

These are the result of patient in openelis.

I checked the openelisdb as a postgres user, Here are the details

I checked the databases of openelisdb but there is any tables in any database.

Kindly help!

It will be stored in the openelisdb container. Exec into the container and run the following command: psql -U clinlims. Then you can run \dt to see all the tables.


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@mohant Hi mohan, I need some help…I am not able to figure out why this port of openmrsdb is not bound coming…I am not able to make the connection of mysql outside docker as e.g workbench and in cmd also it’s not showing the 3306 port as running

sql server running inside the docker container and the openmrs application is working fine.

sql log :

In cmd 3306 port is not showing:

Hi @mohant could you please help me here…got stuck badly

Binding the DB ports on the host machine has been removed for improved security. If you need it you can add the ports option to openmrsdb service in docker-compose.yml.

       - '3306:3306'