Issues on installing COVID 19 VACCINE KIT


I want to know if someone actually managed to successfully install Covid-19 Vaccine-kit based on the documentation because I am constantly failing to do so. My problem is that every time I update default concepts with CEIL UUIDs, openmrs gets corrupted and I can’t access it.

If yes, I’d like to contact you.


Perhaps someone from Bahmni should run this by me as CIEL content manager. This script seems old and dated. In addition, there seems to be creation of new concepts which are not in CIEL. I would recommend creating a concept collection using the OpenMRS Dictionary Manager and I should curate any new concepts not in CIEL at the moment. There are also new COVID vaccine-related concepts released in CIEL.

@angshuonline Can you please take a look at this and approach Mr. Kanter because the kit it is not working!

this is a community contribution. Perhaps, you should check with project leads @ruchikab @swatigogia @praveenad

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Hello @aidjali ,

can you please mention the process that you are following and point to the step where you are getting the error?


Dear @nazeer67

  1. I am installing Bahmni v0.92
  2. I am running CIEL UUID step (at this point, whenever I try to access openmrs, it is shown the 404 error aka the resource cannot be found)
  3. I am downloading the repo from Github and Installing the vaccine kit.

It doesn’t matter if I do it into a new or existing environment, once I run the Update CIEL UUID script OR I download/install vaccine kit, openmrs and Bahmni Clinical Services become obsolete and I can’t access any of them

Once you ran the scripts, did you login into OpenMRS and run the “Rebuild search index”? It might help. This builds the Lucene index in openmrs for all concepts.

Hi @gsluthra ,

The problem is that it “destroys” openmrs, thus, I have no way of going into it.

Good day @aidjali, we are unable to recreate your issue on our side - could we connect over zoom so that you can walk us through your setup and the issue. Can you please share a few time slots for today and early next week to meet for 30 mins? Thanks!

@aidjali - Plz drop a Direct Message to Nouman, or ping him on Bahmni slack. Don’t share your personal email details here on forum. Thanks and hopefully your issue gets resolved soon!