Issues installing add on index locally

Hello, I was trying to install the OpenMRS add on index locally on my development machine, as the online version is offline at the moment and I need it to finish working on a feature am working on. I followed the steps for installing it as described in the readme of the repo. It was able to install and run, but failed to index the modules as shown by this log. From what I could get from the log I need to have a bintray.username and bintray.api_key configuration settings which I do not have and do not know how to set. @dkayiwa, @suthagar23

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Hi @malmike , the issue you’re facing is simple to resolve. You just need a bintray username and API key and then copy them into this filed located in your local clone.

For obtaining the username and password, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for a new account here .

  • Then, go to edit-profile -> Api key and get your api key from here.

Hopefully, addons should be able to index modules now.

I think, the way mentioned by @reubenv will work fine for your issue :slight_smile:

Also you can check out (our addons staging server, which may be a few commits ahead at any given point).

Unfortunately currently, both the staging and production servers are down

I did what @reubenv recommended and it worked. Thanks for the help.

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