Issues for release 2.8.0

Hello members, as we wait for the tentative date for the release of Reference Application 2.8.0 to be announced, i wish to let you know that we have 50 issues to work on. Apparently , 5 issues are done, 5 are are in progress and the remaining 40 are not done.I kindly request those who were assigned issues to strive and finish there tasks on time. Just a reminder we still have more 36 issues unassigned. I call upon the community to volunteer work on those issues so that our release comes out on time(April). Otherwise, feel free to suggest issues you will wish to be featured in RefApp 2.8.0.:smiley:

@jwnasambu Thanks alot have you looked at and for the specific Tickets?

Yes i have gone through the links.

Are there any concept dictionary-related changes/issues required? I am about to do another release of CIEL.

I have this issue on this link Thanks