Issue with New Patient Identifier Types

I’ve created a new patient registration app with additional patient identifier types. The registration flow is successfully executing and I’m able to reach the clinician facing dashboard for the patient. Now, I’m facing 2 issues:

  1. I want to view/edit the additional patient identifier types from the clinician facing dashboard header. I’ve followed the steps mentioned here: link
  2. I want to view the registration summary page using the new patient registration app. I’ve updated the url as needed. but when I try to go to the summary page from ‘Edit Registration Option’, I get an error. Attaching screenshot for reference

Sorry for this, can you share the full log in then we can fully look at the errors

Please find the pastebin below:

Can you cross check with your json file whether its working perfect, or feel free to share it , the problem is with your definition of json file

Please find the json file here:

Sorry can you try again to check using this json file here, Try changing this

							"legend": "Ayushman Number",
							"id": "ayushmanNumberLabel",
							"fields": [
							   **"type": "patientIdentifier",**
							   "label": "Ayushman Number",
							   "formFieldName": "ayushmanNumber",
							   "uuid": "43769e1b-2917-4e9d-a3eb-cad4eedb3d60",
							   "widget": {
										  "providerName": "uicommons",
										  "fragmentId": "field/text"
								"cssClasses": ["required"]

instead of using Type as “PatientIdentifier” change it to "personAttribute " And let us know your output

The solution has worked. But it seems that I was using the wrong ‘App ID Definition’ for the custom registration app. I’ve replaced the App ID as below: referenceapplication.registrationapp.myRegisterPat → testing.registrationapp.registerPatient

I was able to run the app with Ayushman Number with type patientIdentifier as well.

I’m facing one other issue. I want to see the custom patient identifier on the clinician patient dashboard as below:

I’ve followed the steps mentioned here: Link

As stated, I’ve created the Global Property: emr.extraPatientIdentifierTypes and added the UUID of the new patientIdentifier in the value field as below:

But when I see the clinician patient dashboard, only the default OpenMRS ID is visible:

Can you help me out here?

@sharif : Can you please help me out for this?

Sure ,What is your primary identifier Type are you sure its the exact uuid you defined corresponding to the emr.extraPatientIdentifeirTypes