Issue regarding IRC Chat and Telegram

I am trying to Join in IRC chat and Telegram channel of openMRS community but while I click thriugh the like page is not loading and some time it shows errors, How can I join in community chat

We are no longer at IRC, you can join chat using slack ,try searching openmrs on slack. Let me know incase of any difficulties

can i have a slack link for openmrs organization, because i am new to open source and new to openmrs.

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it asking for workspace email , but i dont have workspace email ? , I am a student so i don’t have workspace email

you can look at Join a Slack workspace | Slack

can you invite me to the slack group herbert24 my email id :

i have invited you

sorry , i didn’t get please try once again

could you check your mail

Yes i have checked but i didn’t get

Thanks herbert24 , I have joined, Thank you for your patience

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