Issue in version 0.92 bahmni synchronisation of old patients

Recently i have installed bahmni version 0.92. After that i have restored the old data to it… But now only new patients are being synchronised in lab and odoo,old patients are not… Tried clearing markers table but could not solve the issue… Any other solution???

Does the old data contains all triggered events in ‘event_records’ table of openMRS?

You can try pointing the last_feed_uri_read_entry column’s value of patient,lab,report rows in ‘markers’ table in odoo to the uuid of the first entries(oldest) of corresponding categories from ‘event_records’ table in openMRS and also update page value(the last digit in URL) in ‘last_read_entry_id’ to 1 and then RESTART bahmni.

Extra helpful resource how atom sync is working between openMRS, odoo and openELIS in bahmni -

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