Issue in Printing Patient Profile Control in Visit Dashboard

I have managed to use the custom display control. Now I have some requirement which I think can reuse the existing general patient visit information display.

  1. I need to show several existing sections (Patient Information, Diagnose, Treatment) and hide some other sections (investigation chart, etc)on my new display.
  2. Add a new empty section where user can write on it manually (with pen).

The existing genral patient visit display that I am talking about is below. If I can reuse existing html, which one is it ? If I cant reuse how do I call the concept in the html ?

Okay I have managed to reuse existing section into the custom display. However when I print out the patient information (name,address,etc) is not showing out.

This is the custom display.

This is the print out.

I need the print out to have the patient information as shown in the custom display (currently its only showing the date of birth). What am I missing here ?