Issue in creating new Concept

Dear Team We have a problem in creating new concepts in OpenMRS, The textbox is not visible when I click on ‘add new concepts.’ Please help us to fix this ASAP.

Thanks and regards Kannan


Difficult to say @kannan - we are not experiencing this anywhere else. I am guessing that its do with browser or CSS etc! (especially if this was working for you before).

  • what browser and version do you use?
  • use chrome and open the dev tools and see if you get any error in the console or in the network tab.

Thanks @angshuonline, just noticed that locale language shows twice image

@kannan what browser do you use ? Open the dev tools of your browser and we see what could lead to that.

  • Any way did you guys make any local change in the legacy UI ?

@kannan can you go to https://[your server]/openmrs/admin/maintenance/settings.list?show=Locale and ensure that you have only 1 english locale expressed there. it would be something like

en, fr

For locale codes, you can check

@angshuonline https://[your server]/openmrs/admin/maintenance/settings.list?show=Locale

Browser details

@angshuonline @mozzy problem resolved after restarting the server.