Is thier any OpenMRS FHIR2 module swagger available ?

hi , @dkayiwa @ibacher pls can you guide us , where we can get the swagger api collection of FHIR2 module of openmrs basically i want to get the complete api collection of that. it would be helpfull if you can help in this .


@sumitkapar, Not sure if i am answering your question but is where the supported OpenMRS resources in FHIR can be accessed.

thanks @mherman22 . but my requirement is the collection of FHIR@ apis because somewhere in openmrs wiki i have saw they mention the swagger for FHIR1 but for FHIR2 i didn’t get any such thing so i just want to know where i can get that all .

Well we don’t have swagger document for FHIR2 but the FhirIG that i shared above.

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