Is there any module to upload the documents to Google cloud storage or AWS S3

Question: I am looking for a module where I able to configure my cloud storage credentials to read from/upload to all the files(medical images, etc) to either GCS buckets or AWS S3.

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Hello @chaitanya9186 , I personally havent known of any … Is this some thing your intrested to do /work on ??

Yes. I can take it.

I am thinking of converting the attachments module to store in GCS or AWS S3 in place of storing it to local directory.

Can I able to get some background from any of experienced dev.


Interesting. Are you a developer or do you have some developer resources to accomplish that?

I am a developer and lot of experience on Google Cloud. I would love to contribute. But need guidance though.

Storing files in the local directory is prone to loss of data. And cloud storage is cheap too these days.

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@chaitanya9186 you could consider docker volume and take back and store to S3 bucket or GCS buckets

That looks like a good idea, but it won’t allow the server to scale. And cloud storages allow the server to be stateless. Which will make the deployments safer. And loss of data will not occur or less likely.

May I know what is stopping us to directly read and write to cloud storages?


Go ahead and implement a complex obs handler that stores and retrieves from the cloud.