Is there an

I keep finding links like,,, on talk/telegram. Is there an or that can list out all possible short links I can use? was made for #OMRS15 and was made for #MOZ15. I don’t think we have short URLs for prior meetings.

Here are the bulk of them… (OpenMRS Atlas) (Design Forum) (Data Model Wiki Page) (Developer Stages) (Developer’s Forum) (Data Model Browser) (Demo of Ebola System) (Help Desk) (Help Desk) (OpenMRS ID) (Wiki page about IRC) (Job Postings) ( (Developer’s Guide) (Project Management Meeting) (Technical Road Map) (Google Summer of Code) (Google Code-In) (SonarQube) (Status Page) (OpenMRS Talk) (Telegram) (University Forum) (Uberconference) (alias for status)

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Thanks @burke. I will bookmark this page then. :smile:

@burke, I edited your message to add the Google Code-In short url – PS we can never have too many mentors! :slight_smile: