Is there an official URN for CIEL?

We are creating FHIR-based messages in which we refer to CIEL concepts. Is there an “official” URN or convention we should use when specifying the system for CIEL codes?

I would expect something like or

@akanter, any urn for ciel?

I thought you were on the exchange with Jonathan. I think it makes sense for OCL to be the distributor of CIEL. The issue actually was whether we expected other CIEL packages that would require more specific URN, so instead of CIEL, it would be CIEL-CD for concept dictionary, etc. Since we only have 1 CIEL source at the moment, seems like we could use the one you guys suggested.

@paynejd, so would be the right URI for FHIR’s system when specifying CIEL codes? For example, people use for LOINC terms.

I believe so. Jonathan can confirm. I thought that since the reference map refers to a CIEL code, I suppose it could use that URI. If we create different packaging then we would need to create different URIs. I think subsets would be folders, so that might work.

Hi Burke,

The URN you provided is for the CIEL organization. The URN for the source itself is

Andy may prefer to change the name of the source, however, which is what we were discussing ealier.

Thanks, Jon