Is there a metadata repository available?

Hi Everyone,

I just finished typing all of the zones and districts of Nepal into my concept dictionary. It seems like it would be a good thing to share with others. Is there a location where I can post these as a metadata resource (.zip file) so others don’t have to do the same work?

Thanks, Craig

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Craig, good question. Typically people use the address module to create these concepts. OpenMRS is looking to create tools for sharing of meta data beyond simply the concept dictionary. For now, there are a couple of folks who share their dictionary including Partners in Health and the Columbia International eHealth Lab (CIEL). You can search these on and soon to be the Open Concept Lab. I don’t think CIEL would add all the concepts for geographical areas like this, but I like the idea of migrating them to a module-compliant format and sharing them. I can make them available in the same way as the CIEL dictionary is via dropbox for the short term, if you want.

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your response. I’m an avid user of your CIEL dictionary :slight_smile: Here are some thoughts I’ve been mulling over for the past week.

I installed the address hierarchy module and got the districts to import to the address template. However, concepts weren’t created in the concept dictionary and I need to access these district names in an HTMLForm to track Emergency Contact info as an encounter.

I’m trying to figure out other use cases for these district names. In one case, it would be good to map the district names to a source named “Metadata_Nepal”. We could then reference “Metadata_Nepal:1234” in the observation conceptId and answerConceptIds of an HTML form. The mapping would only be good if the data were to be transported across multiple instances.

This is the method I chose to use to share metadata for the module I’m developing with the metadata stored on Github. The nice thing about that is the ability to track issues related to the metadata as well as capturing the history. However, it may be fine to just upload the files to a page on the OpenMRS wiki somewhere.

What do you think about all this?

Sincerely, Craig

I think I would prefer if the concepts were laid out in a raw form. I don’t think concepts are probably the way to go for this as most people would put these in an address table. It would not be too sustainable to have all the districts for all the countries in the world in concept for a shared repository, but this is something we can consider as Open Concept Lab gets up and running. Since you don’t need all the districts to appear as instance data (OBS) only those which actually are contacts, it seems like overhead. I know other people have kept these in the address hierarchy and used a numeric value in OBS to link back. If I here better suggestions for keeping address hierarchy information which also needs to be stored in OBS, I am happy to oblige. For now, I can add this to the CIEL dropbox making it available also for implementers who want to use it. I believe the trick would be to ensure there is no overlap of concept IDs with CIEL and that OCL will allow you to merge or partially download aspects of the CIEL dictionary.

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