Is there a list of JIRA issue statuses?

Is there a list of statuses used in a project’s jira with a short explanation? I am wondering what is ‘waiting for dev’ stands for.

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Unfortunately there isn’t a single list because there are a few different schemes used in the OpenMRS Issues tracker. However, if you hover your mouse over a status, it should give you a short explanation of that status. (If you find a status that doesn’t have an explanation, please let the help desk know and they can fix it.)

In fact I still don’t understand the difference between ‘ready for development’ and ‘waiting for dev’

The difference is the same! :slight_smile:

“Ready for Development” is used by JIRA projects using our older, simplified workflow.

“Waiting for Dev” is used by those projects using the new “Agile” workflow and issue types.

As @dkayiwa mentioned, they are more or less the same.

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