Is the Technical Road Map page sufficient?

A few weeks ago, we had a good conversation on a Developers Forum about the Platform Technical Road Map (Objective 1.1). If you haven’t seen already, you can review notes on the wiki page for the 2016-08-18 Developers Forum.

During the call, I asked a series of questions, some of which were provocative to stimulate conversation. I’m bringing these questions into Talk and look forward to your thoughts & feedback.

Is the Technical Road Map page sufficient?

Here’s feedback from the dev forum:

  • More effectively giving people fair warning of upcoming features
    • For example, we created a mailing list long ago to target module authors to notify them of upcoming changes. This could be a Talk forum and/or creating a distribution list via modulus (published modules)
  • Improve accuracy of Road Map page to reflect where efforts/* resources will be directed
    • Indicate what is really scheduled work (currently, things listed * under the next Platform and Refapp releases), versus what’s really * just a backlog (currently, things on the Refapp 2.6+ and Someday * sections)
    • Better reflect reality (e.g., currently largely driven by what * organizations are prioritizing, with a nudge towards * community-priority tickets)
  • Improve documentation and design of wish list (someday) features

Do you have additional thoughts/ideas/feedback on the question above? Please feel free to join the discussion here.


I just asked a question about where the roadmap was - is this the roadmap you were referring to in your other post?

Sort of. We currently don’t have a separate technical road map for the Platform, so the technical road map page at incorporates Platform and Reference Application milestones and, on occasion, has been used to track other technical milestones for the community.

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