is the Logic module still much relevenat in the reference application?

I wanted to test out the Logic modue on reff app 2.8 but gives an error. refer to this ticket. it has given me an impression that probably theres another module that gives the same and better functionality to that of logic module , probably thats the reason its not updated to run in the reference app. i need some clarification. cc @dkayiwa @samuel34 @tendomart

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thanks @mksd for the edit

What do you want to use that module for?

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i just wanted to check if Lack of logic Error is not thrown when it is installed. Since am working on a ticket related to that. though thats not part of the ticket requirements anyway :smirk:

You can either change this to use ModuleActivator instead of Activator or just test with a version of the reference application using platform 1.x

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Not really @mozzy , we have decided to not include it in the ref app distribution starting 2.9


yes thanks@dkayiwa , thats what i was planning to change. though i wanted to know why it wasn’t updated to be able to run on platform 2.x

Did you update the module to run on refapp?

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oh @willa, sorry , i actually forgot. but its a matter of updating the Activator class