Is the advisory-council mailing list still used?

Hi everyone,

It’s spring cleaning season again, and I must ask: should I archive advisory-council@openmrs mailing group?

Should this category be a replacement for it?

HI @cintiadr! Thanks for asking. I would say we should keep it. Unfortunately we are not getting as much traction here. It would be a good time to look at the list of people on the council. Could a list of members be sent to @terry?

The history is that since people on the Advisory Council are typically not involved with OpenMRS day-to-day, they often don’t want to deal with Talk, and thus we created a plain mailing list to address that problem. But in practice I don’t think we’ve started using that list yet.

(However, no, do not archive advisory-council@openmrs; it’s kind of a replacement for this category, rather than the reverse.)

I am one in the category Darius describes. I work best with plain mailing list.



That’s fine, as far as there are plans on starting using it, I’m quite happy to maintain it.

Thanks for letting me know!