Is that a character encoding problem?

Web page: Problem: Strange letter A on the page next to each module. image

Does anyone else have that too, or is it my browser fault?

oops i cant tell whether its the browser but otherwise mine work as expected. did you made any change in addonindex

I don’t see it personally, but looking at the page source, there’s a   at the end of each of those titles which seems to be what your browser is rendering with that weird  thing. From a bit of Googling, it seems that the  character gets displayed in place of a non-break space when using the font we use (OpenSans) with the page interpreted using ISO-8859-1 encoding (also called Windows-1252). However, we’re serving the page with appropriate encoding, so when I browse to it I see this header:

Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8

So I’m guessing its something local to how your browser is interpreting the page…

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Thanks @ibacher for clarifying