Is OpenMRS the right solution for us?

Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. We are a nonprofit that provides free medical care in third world countries which we call medical brigades. Currently the EMR system we’re using is one that we built ourselves. It meets our needs, but maintaining and improving the system with limited resources is a challenge. A typical brigade would be held over 3 or 4 days with volunteer doctors, nurses, pharmacist, translators flying in for the event. Patients are registered, seen by doctors, prescribed prescriptions and provided medications all free of charge. There are often repeat patients with services provided every six months. We maintain our own list of medications and inventory. We don’t typically have access to the internet during the brigade so need to create an external network during the brigade. We bring our EMR system onsite and use wireless access points to connect to the system during the brigade. If the answer is yes, OpenMRS would be a great solution for us (happy day) I would also like to know about OpenMRS3. The demo is not working. Is that the solution I should be looking at? Thanks so much everyone!

Hi @tnbaube,

Very interesting, thank you for reaching out.

You may want to consider Ozone HIS, perhaps coupled with a portable option like Ozone Portable? Please check it out and if that is something you are interested in, I would be more than happy to run you through options to move your organisation forward with their HMIS implementation.

Your use case is fairly common, albeit challenging, and we have been supporting such projects over the years.


Dimitri, Thanks for the your recommendation. Ozone HIS looks like it has all of the features we’re looking for. We would greatly appreciate any support in considering the options and potentially implementing their HMIS. Much appreciated.


@tnbaube that would be our pleasure :pray:

I sent an email the other day to the email address that you have used to register here, did you see it?