Is OpenMRS a good fit for my project?

Hi All,

I am new to using OpenMRS, I have gotten both the standalone and reference instances to launch and played around a little. The purpose of me exploring the use of OpenMRS is to test Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) code. I am working on a project to test the utility of using NLP to extract data from medical charts. The current data that I have access to is in regards to neuropsychiatric patients. So I was hoping that I could use OpenMRS to test my code on fake/anonymized patient charts. I have looked over the demo data provided and it does have a lot of the information that neuropsychiatric patients would have. I am new to programming with Java but do know other programming languages, but I am in need of a dataset of fake/anonymized neuropsychiatric patients. Would someone be able to assist me on creating this data set?

Also after looking around the site, I also came across a project that was working on a data comparison module: Is that project complete? A data comparison module would be helpful to compare data between manual chart review extract and NLP extraction.

Thanks for your time and help

I have no idea how we could create fake neuropsychiatric (only) patients, but I can tell you how we are creating the data for the demo server.

If you are willing to take a look in docker + docker-compose, you have the demo server here:

The database in dbdump folder contains 500 (fake) patients’ data.

On the readme file, there’s the explanation on how to generate demo data, which is pretty much:

  • Wait for app to start
  • Inside Administration/Global System Properties, change referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup to (let’s say) 500
  • Restart the application
  • Go grab a coffee. Or go cook yourself a meal.
  • Dump the database with the new demo data and profit.

As far as I understand it, is the module responsible for creating demo data.

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