Is it possible to upload other language concept in Bahmni?

Is it possible to upload other language(in my case, Thai) concept name in Bahmni? or I have to upload English concept name first then upload Translation later?

Hi @zacrify!

Yes of course you can, this is an example of our import of English-Khmer concepts.

However note that, assuming that you are filling Bahmni config in English, the fully specified name will have to remain in English even for the Thai locale. This is a flaw in the way the Bahmni config is processed, we are meant to open a discussion about this with the Bahmni team.

Hi @mksd Thanks for your answer. But what do you mean by Bahmni config in English?

Here for example, this part:

"conceptName": "Nutritional Values"

The config points to a concept using its fully specified name. Even if you were to provide Thai translations for the above concept, the fully specified name in Thai would still have to remain the English expression "Nutritional Values" to keep things working. Leading to a willingly wrong metadata import: a Thai fully specified name is in fact provided as an English set of words, just to match its English references across the config when you use the app in the Thai locale.

Cc @darius, @angshuonline: we believe this is a design flaw and there should be a configuration locale specified somewhere. This will be the subject of another thread at some point.

@mksd, completely agree.

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Just to be clear.

if I want to make a new “Nutritional Values” concept and want to config it in json. I should use filling “Nutritional Values” in fully specified name in both en and th locale. and use Thai translation for short-name.

But if concept is nothing to deal with config, I can use thai in both en and th fully specified name for that concept.

is that right?

Yes, absolutely correct!

Thanks a lot. Now it’s make sense why my Bahmni was crashed(error indexing) when I tried to add Thai translation to the concept coz I also changed th fully specified name in to Thai.

So for safer way is to let en and th fully specified name be the same and change only th short-name.


On a related note: @mksd you might know about the new form tech the Bahmni team is working on. While it will take quite some time to completely change over to the new Forms, and their respective display controls, but this will greatly reduce such configurations. We are also going to take up the i18n aspects of the forms, so it might be a good idea to have a catchup and discuss the designs and implications sometime.

Absolutely! I will suggest a design forum in August or September to present Ext I18N and explain what we have gone through to obtain a complete English-Khmer language switch for Bahmni EMR (so Bahmni Apps).

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